2014: How to Get Your One Thing

year businessThe holidays. I hope you are having so much fun with your friends and family.

The feeling of connection, of tradition, of making meaningful memories is really what life is all about. Isn’t it?

For some of you, this may have been the first holiday without a close friend or family member with you because they have passed on. I feel for you. It must be really hard to not have that special person with you around the holidays – especially when it was a tradition for you.

Life. We don’t live forever. Our return on life is about a collection of our own experiences.

It’s about you looking back on each year – say for 2013, and thinking: 2013 freakin’ rocked. I did some pretty cool stuff. I fully lived in 2013.

I want you to have amazing OMG experiences in 2014. I believe you have to be intentional about it. Like… intentional with your mindset AND with your money.

Here’s your 2014 Game Plan!

So… I need you to pick 1 awesome thing you want to do in 2014. It could be a trip you want to go on, or an event you want to host – or an amazing vacation, whatever it is, make it unique to you.

Let’s go through an example: Let’s pretend that you want to go to the World Cup in Brazil in June 2014.

Step 1: Write down the cost of your goal. So let’s say world cup tickets are $1500, the flight is $1000, hotel is $2000, and food/fun & games is $1500. So all in we are at $6000.

Step 2: Now write down when you want to get your goal. How many months in the future is it? In this case it is 6 months in the future, June 2014.

Step 3: Now divide the cost of your goal by how many months you will save up for it. In this example it would be $6000/6 months = $1000 per month.

Now we are talking. You are intentional about one thing you want in 2014. You know how much you will have to save.

There are 2 ways to save up for something. Spend less money or make more money. Pick one. I’m challenging you right here.
You can totally do this.  Why?  Because I believe in you and your one thing. 2014. It’s Your Year. Your Time Is Now.
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