24 Women Whose Branding Strategies Could Impact Your Biz

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The BrandYour brand. It’s what sets you apart from everyone else. It’s what you are all about. It’s what people can expect from you when they buy from you. It’s your image. It’s the value that you create.

Here’s the deal. We gotta take our businesses to the moon – that could be growing your sales, making a bigger impact, working with more people – whatevah.

How are we going to do that? By being different. By standing out. By having perspective. By telling people how to think, and then challenging them to take action.

It’s all about communicating your brand. And I have to hand it to the ladies, they are pretty good communicators.

That’s why I have compiled a list of 24 Amazing Women who are Branding Experts. Follow them. Hop on their lists. Go to their sites. Study their stuff. Research them. Please do your own due diligence before you hire them, or incorporate any of their ideas into your business.

They are in alphabetical order, so they are all equally strong and powerful!!

andrea_shillington1. Andrea ShillingtonBrands For the People

She is one of the go to people for startups. She even has a bootstrapping package for business owners on a tight budget. Wish I knew her when I started! Check out her Branding For Good Book

ANNAFARMERY22. Anna FarmeryThe Engaging Brand

Anna’s from the other side of the pond. She’s got a kick ass podcast with some killer content. It’s been nominated 6 years in a row for the best business podcast. Anna also focuses on social media. Check out her podcast here.

amy swift3. Amy SwiftSmarty People

Where do I even start? Sharp. Witty. Relevant. She leads two Smarty Communities for women entrepreneurs in Los Angeles and Boston. The Smarties meet in groups, led by Amy. She’s a brand expert, a facilitator and a moderator. I think she even does weddings and bar mitzvahs. Check out her blog here.

Catherine_Kaputa4. Catherine KaputaSelf Brand

Her company name speaks for itself because that’s what Catherine is all about. She’s an author of 3 books about marketing and branding. She’s been around. What a resume. She’s got amazing experience. Did I mention she’s smart? Wish I went to Harvard and Northwestern! Check out her 3 books here.

Christina-morassi25. Christina MorassiChristina Morassi

Prince. Madonna. Christina Morassi. She’s made quite a name for herself. Started as a photographer. Then became a healer… and now a brand mentor. She’s about Living on Brand. Gimme some of that! Check out her YouTube channel here.

cindy_ratzlaff6. Cindy RatzlaffCindy Ratzlaff

Cindy’s a passionate brand evangelist. She’s developed marketing campaigns for 150 NY times best selling books. That’s insane. She’s an author and a social media maven. Cindy was tweeting before tweeting was a verb. Check out here free marketing videos here.

Dena-patton7. Dena PattonDena Patton

She’s a life and business coach. But at the core, Dena is all about branding, and making a difference out there. She cofounded a 9/11 Photo Project Book Tour, which raised money for the NYC Burn Unit. She is flat out just an amazing woman. Click here to read Dena’s Daily Greatness Mantra.

ellen_looyen8. Ellen LooyenEllen 4 Branding

She’s America’s leader in personal branding. She got into biz in the late 80s, and was one of the first women in sales and marketing in corporate America. She brings out the best of you, which she calls her “charismatic zone of influence.” Yummy. Check out Ellen’s blog here.

Gini detrich9. Gini DietrichArment Dietrich

She founded Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing and communications firm. She’s got a terrific blog called Spin Sucks. She’s won tons of awards. Great cutting edge advice for branding on social media. Check out her popular spinsucks blog.

holly10. Holly ChantalThe Land of Brand

She’s created the Branding Game ™, which helps small business owners create a brand for their businesses. She’s all about having fun while building a business, and her site totally reflects that. Game on. Check out her Branding Game here.

JackieHuba11. Jackie HubaJackie Huba

Where do I even start? 3 books on customer loyalty, the newest one: Monster Loyalty, How Lady Gaga Turns Follower into Fanatics. Her Church of the Customer blog has over 100,000 daily readers. What a great speaker. Totally relevant content. She rocks. Check out her books here.

jennifer-bourn12. Jennifer BournBourn Creative

Yes, her team does web and graphic design. But she’s all about online brand strategy – and her peeps love her because she’s a committed project manager. Doesn’t it stink when you hire a marketing consultant and they flake out?!? Check out her free 30 minute webinar that’s about having your website work for you when you are not working.

jenny fenig13. Jenny FenigJenny Fenig

Jenny is a PR exec turned yoga teacher turned marketing and soul coach for gutsy entrepreneurs. She’s real. She’s fun. Her peeps love her. Check out her blog here.

karen_kang14. Karen KangBranding Pays

She’s got her signature Branding Pays System and cool book too! Karen was a newspaper journalist. Was a principal at Regis McKenna who launched the Apple brand. What hasn’t she done? Check out her Branding Pays book here.

Kim-garst215. Kim GarstKim Garst

Founder of Boom! Social. Forbes voted her one of top 10 women social media power influencers. She’s all about building your brand online, and even gives you 52 ways to do it. Check out her 52 Quick and Easy Ways to Build Your Brand in Today’s Social World here.

Kristin-Moore16. Kristin MooreK Moore Creative

Don’t even get me started with Kristin. Talented. Loves brand strategy. Gives tons to her firm’s clients. Funny. Witty. The whole deal. Check out her branding and marketing process here.

lacy kirkland17. Lacy KirklandLacy Kirkland

Calls herself a brand strategist and marketing maven. She’s worked with Brendon Burchard and is now at her new company Renegade Authentipreneur. She’s full of energy, and it shows on her site. Check out her blog here.

Liz-Dennery-Sanders218. Liz Dennery SandersShe Brand

Liz works with female entrepreneurs to build their buzz and positions them as experts. Liz is sharp, charming, and insightful. She’s such a great listener. Need I say more? Check out her Build Your Buzz Online Bootcamp

marisa-murgatroyd219. Marisa MurgatroydLive Your Message

Marissa has developed the Live Your M.E.S.S.A.G.E system to help business owners both on and offline. At 4’11 ¼, she is known as the shortest woman in marketing. But don’t let that fool you. She is all about making life easier for us entrepreneurs, through strategic brand positioning. Check out her Does Your Website Suck quiz.

michelle pariza waceck20. Michelle Pariza WacekWriting USA

Known as Michelle PW, she’s a marketer and has some seriously good copy – direct response style. She’s all about creating marketing campaigns online and offline. Michelle – how was my copy on you? I know. It could be better. Check out her blog here.

nicole-dean21. Nicole DeanNicole Dean

Nicole uses her branding skills to help people make money online. She is known as Nicole on the Net. She’s got some great content and resources on her site for us entrepreneurs. Check out her list of free resources for your business.

Pam moore22. Pam MoorePam Marketing Nut

Pam is nutzo. But a good marketing and branding nutz. In 2011, she was voted by Forbes as one of the top 5 Women in Social Media. Pam is CEO of Marketing Nutz, a full service experiential social brand, conversion optimization and digital marketing agency. She is bubbly and has tons of energy. Check out her 24 tips to increase your ROI at events through social media.

Rachel-Gogos223. Rachel GogosRachel Gogos

Rachel runs brand ID, a web design and development firm. She is a brand junkie, and is a serial entrepreneur. She’s all about how a personal brand can make us a better version of ourselves. Rachel believes our individuality is our greatest asset. Can I have a high five on that one? Check out her list of free resources for your marketing and branding needs.

robbin phillips24. Robbin PhillipsBrains on Fire

Robbin is all about word of mouth marketing. She is the Courageous President and a founder at Brains in Fire. She even wrote a book about word of mouth movement marketing called… Brains on Fire. She is all about connecting people to be a united voice of excitement about your brand. Check out her book called Brains on Fire.

Enjoy meeting and getting to know these amazing women. Who would you add to the list?

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24 Women Whose Branding Strategies Could Impact Your Biz

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