Yanni Meets John Tesh

It was the worst hold music ever.   The same song playing over and over. I was trapped in a Yanni & John Tesh vortex trance. I would have taken Milli Vanilli over Yanni and Tesh. Maybe even a little Michael … Continue reading

Losing Money?

Who is happier, someone worth $3 million that is now worth $2 million, or a millionaire that is now worth $2 million? Ever buy a stock that plummets, with little potential of recovery, and it is just so hard for … Continue reading

The Rite Aid Grandpa

I went to Rite Aid yesterday to buy Father’s Day cards. I even bought some cards for my kids to give to my dad… I got into a conversation with the guy who was the cashier about being a dad. … Continue reading

Taxes. The Skinny.

Taxes & 2013 Taxes shmaxes. I am so over the fiscal cliff. These on-again off-again talks were insane. Reminds me of the Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold relationship. Crazy that the negotiations came down to the 11th hour. Here are … Continue reading