Automate Your Savings Plan

automate your savings planI knew it was you.  You must have sat on your phone.  I heard your whole conversation. Ya know, the one where you were talking about the fact that…

  • You don’t like tuna fish
  • You thought the ending to Homeland was great
  • You had to wait for the cable guy for 6 hours over the weekend

What’s going on with this pocket dialing stuff!!!
It just happens automatically – without you even knowing what you are doing.  You sit on your phone – touch your phone in some weird way – maybe a draft of air comes in and then it’s off to the races. Your phone just takes over and you have no idea that you are actually calling someone.

This pocket dialing stuff happens automatically and electronically.  Kinda like how you should be saving money.  



From your checking account to savings account, retirement accounts, investment accounts – somewhere else.  A savings plan for your future.

Check this out.

Fidelity did a new year’s resolution study back in November 2013.  They surveyed 1012 adults over the age of 18.  Half were men and half were women.  Average household income was $54,100.  Average age was 46.

Why am I bringing up this study?  Because 54% of the respondents said they were going to make a financial resolution for 2014.  And… of those 54% of the people, about half of those people said that saving money for the long term was their most important new year’s resolution for 2014.

Your peers are doing this stuff.  Are you?
We all know that saving money for our future is important.  Our peers are doing it.  In fact, last year, 80% of the people that made a financial resolution for a savings plan in 2013 reached their goal. (from the same Fidelity study in 2012). And they didn’t have to pocket dial anyone!!!

It all boils down to:

  • Automating your savings plan
  • Taking personal responsibility to save
  • Being able to follow through

I’m laying it out for you right here. You either need to cut an expense or make more money somewhere else. That’s it. It’s that simple. You can totally do this. Anyone can do this.

Why not just start from scratch and do this for 2014. I’ll bet you can be part of the 80% of the people who reach their goal in 2014. Think about what’s possible. More money in the bank.  Financial independence.  Financial security.

You can do this.

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Automate Your Savings Plan

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