Bad Luck. The Benadryl Baby

th-Baby-Crying-FlightI am very talented.  I have super human powers.  It’s magical.


I know exactly which seat to pick on the plane.  The seat next to …

It happened to me twice in 2 weeks.

These weren’t 1 hour flights.  They were 4 hour flights!   And due to the turbulence, the seatbelt sign was on for most of the flight.

It was IN-SANE.

The mother with the baby tried everything.  The baby bjorn.  A bottle.  Books.  Toys.  But the crying baby didn’t stop.

I almost whipped out my bottle of Benadryl.

(I have kids.  I remember those days.  It’s not easy when you know your crying baby is annoying everyone.)

I was thinking to myself, this is THE last time I travel on a plane – ever!  Every single time I fly I get stuck with the crying.  I am very talented!  Right?  Maybe I should have drank the Benadryl before I got on the plane.

Of course I knew I would choose to get back on a plane.  But at that moment, I was just DONE.

Made me think of all of the people that are DONE with investing.

Their crying baby = losing money investing

Once this happens, these people throw in the towel – and just put their money in the bank.


They only buy ONE seat on their investing plane.  Inevitably, that crying baby – with the poopy diaper – is going to show up.  At some point, they are going to lose money.  And there wont be any Benadryl around.

The thing is if you only buy 1 seat, you have a higher degree of getting the crying baby.

But with investing, you can buy at least 5 seats on the plane, and increase your chances of not sitting next to the crying baby.

Those 5 seats could help you stay in the game of investing.  They could DIVERSIFY you.

Maybe you need to take some of that Benadryl right after you create your investing plan. It could mellow you out.

The question is, do you even have an investing plan?  Or are you just relying on hope? Hoping that everything will work out.

You can’t hope with money.  You must be intentional with it.  Otherwise, you get the crying baby.

Wanna go deeper?  Email me!  I have some investing tips for you 

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