Are You Crazy?

Are You Crazy?

How Your Emotions Affect the Decisions You Make About Your Money

speaker 8How many conversations do you have with yourself about money?

It goes like this.

I want to buy those shoes! I want to buy that car. But I really should be saving. Or paying down my debt.

Sometimes emotions get the best of you – especially when you are making decisions about money.

It’s time for you to make financial progress. It’s time for you to be aware of what you are really thinking. That way you can be intentional, and action oriented when it comes to dealing with your money.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to be a prosperity thinker
  • The 5 mental mistakes investors make with their money
  • What your real goals are for the next year
  • How to get on the same financial page with your spouse or significant other

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