Cuddling With Money?

i-believe-palmI believe in return on life.

I believe that cuddling is worth a gazillion dollars.

I believe that you must invest in yourself. Consistently.

I believe that everyone needs a mentor.

I believe that you will be amazed at the power of compounding of interest.

I believe you have to get the shoes.

I believe in Roth IRAs. Big Time.

I believe that investors should consider investing in index funds.

I believe in working ON your business (at least 2 days a week!).

I believe that you must read Seth Godin’s blog every day.

I believe that if you are really intentional with your money, you could be happier.

I believe in taking long walks on the beach.

I believe in being grateful.

I believe that you are supposed to have an amazing financial life.

I believe in you.

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