Do You Double Dip?

guac and chipYa know those people that double dip? The ones that dip their chips in guacamole, take a bite, and dip the same chip back in the guacamole? What’s up with those cocktail party crazy people?

We don’t want their germs in our guacamole.

Don’t they know about double dipping? Nope. They have no idea. Seriously. They aren’t aware of what they are doing. Someone needs to tell them.

This same principle of being aware of what you do applies to so many things about your money.

If you want to get ahead in your financial life, you must be aware of what you are doing – or not doing. You need to “know what you don’t know.”

Holy guacamole Batman! Here I go again with all of this money stuff!

Start with this. Your monthly nut (living expenses).

You must know how much money you usually spend every month.

Maybe your expenses are too high – like outta control too high. Maybe it’s not enough in some areas that bring you some fun times. So why not take a peek at where your money is going?

If you don’t, you will be double dipping your way to a whole lot of nothin’.

Once you know how much money you spend every month, you could create a savings plan for things like:

  • An amazing beach vacation
  • College for your kids
  • A much needed shopping spree
  • Paying down some debt – especially that one credit card that just won’t go away
  • Some guacamole for your double dipping party – everyone will have their own bowl!

One last question, if you do see someone double dipping at a party – and they are by themselves – do you call them out on double dipping?

Or just let them do it and have no idea that their germs are in the guac? Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and enter in your comment. Mwah!

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