Was That You Driving?

Formula-for-Financial-IndependenceYou know those people that love to use their turn signals all the time when they drive?

They pull the car out of the their own garage and they are signaling to…

No one.

What’s up with that? Hilarious.

They aren’t signaling to everyone else.  They are signaling to themselves.  It’s like – turning on the right hand signal means they are telling themselves to turn the car right.

My guess is that when they took driver’s ed – it was instilled into them to become maniac signal users.  It’s now a habit for them.

I remember reading a stat that if you intentionally do something 20 times in a row, it becomes a habit.

So lemme ask you somethin’ – what are your instinctive money habits? What are the things that you automatically do with your money?

Are you even intentional with your money habits?  Or do you simply do nuthin’?

Being that it’s the 4th of July, let’s getcha some financial independence habits.

Financial independence = not having to do something to make money. (like not having to work).  It’s when your assets generate enough income for you to live.

Financial independence may seem like it could take forever to get.

But there is no reason why you can’t work towards that.

You must build, buy, invest in, or create assets. Assets that will eventually generate income. That’s cash flow baby!

Examples of assets are:

  • Real Estate
  • Mutual Funds – Stocks – Bonds
  • Your Business
  • A Business Idea
  • Products that you sell in your business (not services – if you are the one that provides the service)

Be intentional with this stuff.  But not too intentional to tell me which way you are going out of your driveway!  Unless I’m inside your house!!

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