Invest in Yourself

FotoliaShoes2Get the shoes.  Buy your $3 latte.

You buy your $3 latte every day.  So that’s around $100 a month.  Or maybe you spend $100 a month on a new pair of shoes. Your conscience is telling you to stop spending money on things you really don’t need.  Maybe your spouse is also telling you…

And so are all of those financial goo-roos on tv.

Your New Year’s Resolution might be to save more money.  You SO want to cut back.  But it is so freakin’ hard.  You tried like 6 times last year.

Try this out…

Get the shoes.  Buy your daily tall soy wet no foam mocha venti latte. Is that $5? Oh well…

What you talkin’ about Willis?

Yep. I’m telling you to consider doing this.  But you should do this under these assumptions…. And … if this scenario doesn’t play out for you, then you are going to have to stop getting all those shoes and lattes.

Enter the prosperity thinker…. Why not? Right?

The shoes make you feel more confident.  You feel good about yourself.  You feel like there is nothing that can stop you.  It’s a weird way of investing in you.

The coffee perks you up.  It gives you that caffeine high. It’s what you need to get your day started – it makes you feel good – where you can be productive.

You’ve heard me write about return on life.  I’m all about thatBut what about return on productivity?  Or return on feeling good?  Or return on confidence?    

If you are happier, more confident, and feel good about yourself, don’t ya think that you can make more money as a business owner?  I totally get that happiness starts from within.  But it really helps if you can make small investments in yourself to make you feel good.

Think about that for a second, why not invest in what makes you feel good?  As long as you get a great return – where you can take the money you make and save some of it for your future?

It could be coffee.  Or the shoes.  For me, it’s a massage twice a month.  Or for some people, it could be investing in a coaching program.  It’s about investing in yourself in something that makes you feel good.

Let’s pretend that you are currently saving $200 a month for your retirement.  Now let’s say that some financial goo-roo comes along and tells you: “Don’t Get the Shoes.  Don’t get your daily latte.”  So you cut back, and save an extra $100 a month for 25 years.  So now you save $300 a month.

$300 a month at 6% for 25 years = $207,898

$200 a month at 6% for 25 years = $138,600

So by saving an extra $100 a month you could have an extra $69 Gs.  That’s a lot of money.  That’s some good stuff.

But what happens if that $100 you spend on yourself makes you an extra $500 a month in your business?  Let’s say that the $500 gives you an extra $150 in your personal bank account every month.

Now, let’s say that instead of investing $200 a month, you invest $350 a month….

So … $350 a month at 6% for 25 years = $242,547

Now we are talking.  By spending an extra $100 on YOU, which could result in an extra $500 in your biz, which could bring in an extra $150 to personally invest every month, you would have an extra $34 grand in 25 years.

Here’s the kicker.  For those 25 years, you are getting the shoes, the coffee, the massages, the coaching, whatever.  That’s 25 years of fun, happiness, and a cool lifestyle.

This is how successful entrepreneurs play to win, and play to live.  It’s how they think about money.   It’s how they make money.  They invest in themselves.  It’s prosperity thinking.  It’s really cool stuff.

So… get the shoes, get your latte, get a massage, or get ya some coaching.  But there needs to be a financial return – and you need to parlay some of that money you make into saving for your future. 

Keep Calm and Invest in You.



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Invest in Yourself

  1. Nicely said Justin. I’ve lived that way my entire life, have never regretted it and always been empowered by it. Its the moments that count. Fear stops us from living those moments fully. I love your consistent emphasis on a live well lived.

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