Should Guys Color Their Own Hair?


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I’ve seen some really bad hair color jobs by guys. The top part of their hair is grey, and then the part by their ears is darker brown, and their goatee is brown with grey. Talk about about paint by numbers! Oy. What a mess. It’s really not working.

So should guys do their own hair coloring? Should they buy those hair color kits for men at Rite Aid, CVS, or Duane Reede? Should they do their own tin foil? Whatcha think?

I think if they want to do it on their own, it’s fine. But they just need a little guidance and perspective on how to get it right. They need someone to show them a few times how to do it. Maybe watch a few YouTube videos! Or if they don’t want to do it themselves, they should pay a professional.

If the hair color guys do this stuff haphazardly – a little here, and a little there – they are just going to get a so so result.

My hair coloring for guys shpiel is the same as my money shpiel.

You can do all of your money stuff on your own. You can learn and do your own financial plan. But you have to be 100% committed to learning and figuring this financial stuff out – a little bit at a time.


It’s way easier to have someone show you the ropes – meaning distilling complex financial mumbo jumbo, giving you their perspective, and teaching you the “how.”

As you begin to understand more and more about your financial situation, you will have the tools and knowledge to take some serious action. I’m talking going to the moon.
So here is my advice to the bad hair color guys who need a financial plan… Ladies… you can still learn something from this….

1) These guys are afraid to walk into the salon and have other people see them coloring their hair. Maybe it’s also hard for them to be vulnerable and have someone else look at their money. They have tried to color their own hair with no help – and for some reason it just doesn’t look good. They gotta let their hair down!!! Ba dump bump.

Lesson: It’s ok to get help. Make the decision that it is ok to be financially vulnerable. Call your CPA, bookkeeper, and financial planner. Ask them to explain to you how your business did in 2013 vs 2012. You need to know what your business did in sales and profits in 2023 vs 2012. Already know that? How about tracking your marketing expenses (I really call them investments)? Get clear on your financial numbers.

2) The bad hair guys don’t have enough pride and value themselves enough to look really good. They think they are stuck with their mediocre hair! These guys need to make a stand for who they are, and believe that they can have amazing hair! It’s all about the hair. 🙂

Lesson: Take pride in you and own your worth! You are worth a gazillion dollars. And so is your business. Be 100% committed to playing a bigger game in your business. Did I mention that you are the real deal?

When was the last time you raised prices? I need you to create a premium priced offering. Way higher than what you have today. Maybe 10-20% of your peeps will buy it, because they see the value in what you are offering. The thing is, do you?

3) They don’t even know that they could do better, because they aren’t getting any feedback. Some of their friends want to tell them how bad their hair is, but they are afraid to. Maybe they even have bad breath or food in their teeth!

I bet some of them don’t know if their financial situation is good or bad because they never get any feedback as to what they can do to make things better.

Lesson: Pah-lease join a mastermind. You want a game changer? Give feedback, Get feedback. Be accountable. Share your goals. Get supported. You have no freakin’ idea how much progress you will make if you join a mastermind. I practically doubled my business since I joined one. And I am on track to double my business again. So could you. You just need to be committed to the right mastermind group.

4) They don’t have a paint by numbers hair color plan. I mean, shouldn’t the goatee and all of their hair be the same color? It’s the same thing with money. Step one – do this, step two – do this, step three, etc.

A hypothetical example could be: invest $500 a month in getting some admin support. Take the increase in your free time and go out and do some serious networking to bring in business. As you bring in more clients, raise your rates. Take the increase in sales and make an extra $300 payment towards your mortgage. Rinse and repeat.

Lesson: You need an overall financial plan. You need to know how much you should save and where the money should go. Consider talking with a Certified Financial Planner ™ professional. Not sure where to go? Try,,

So the next time you see a guy with a pretty bad hair color job, I hope you will think of your own situation, and ask yourself how committed you are to a better financial life. You can totally do this. Anyone can. Even with bad hair.

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