I’ll Be Happy When…

happy thanksgivingI will be happy when I have $50,000 in the bank.

I will be happy when I can retire.

I will be happy when I land that new client.

I will be happy when I have more free time.

I will be happy when all of my debt is paid off.

Sometimes we put conditions around being happy.  “I will be happy when” can be an illusion.  Let’s decide to be happy with what we already have first.   High five on this?

Happiness comes from within us – not how much money we have.  Use this Thanksgiving to be grateful for what you already have.

For me, I am just grateful to be alive.  This August I suffered a concussion, passed out and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.  I didn’t get to have my coffee until 11am!!!  I am now ok.

But that day totally put things in perspective for me.   It made me realize how amazing my life is right now – with what I already have.  I frickin’ love my family.

Being an entrepreneur totally lights me up.  Helping people with their money situation is THE biggest high evah!  I get to make an impact on their lives, which is priceless.

Enough about me, how about you?

What are you thankful for that you already have?

David Cameron Gikandi, one of the pioneers of wealth consciousness, wrote a book called Happy Pocket Full of Money.  Here’s what he thinks about gratitude.

“Gratitude does not need much explanation – you already know how to be grateful. Inside of you, you know how magical it is. All you now need to recognize is that every moment, person, and thing was brought to you by your own choices, thoughts, actions, and states of being. You did it.”

“The world just creates itself around you so that you may experience yourself and recreate yourself. So be grateful for every moment, thing and person – this is the best way to find yourself. Remember, what you resist persists. Gratitude negates resistance. Once you are grateful, you can look at everything clearly and see yourself.”

I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving.  You totally deserve it.  Big time.  Enjoy the time with your family and friends.  I am thankful to have you as a reader and part of this community.  Really!

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I’ll Be Happy When…

  1. As a mediator and yoga/meditation teacher, I find that suffering and the alleviation of suffering is found in the dynamic you have so nicely presented. Thanks for continuing to be a clear, warm advocate for practicing that which really matters Justin. Can you say: “Bodisattva”?

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