Should Jan Brady Get a Spray Tan?

janJan Brady.  She was tired of being the middle blond girl in the fam.   Jan wanted to stand out.  She bought that funky black wig.  It totally didn’t go.

What if she got a spray tan instead? Did they even have those back then?  I bet that her spray tan would have been too splotchy.  It totally would have worked on Marsha.   Right?

Are you into spray tanning?  Some people love it, but they only do it for a special occasion – like spring break or a vacay with the fam.

Some people don’t want to spend the $50-100 to get it.  Plus, it only lasts like a week or so.   Then it’s kaput.

Some people think its fake and they just wont go there.  Others don’t want to stand naked in front of some stranger and get blasted with cold stuff.

The thing is, if you want that year long tan, you can’t get a spray tan just once.  You need to go every week or so.  It’s work.  It takes time.

This spray tan issue is the same deal with your investments.  You can’t just spray tan your money for a special occasion – or once a year.

You have to spray tan your mutual funds at least every quarter.  That means reviewing their performance.  It means asking yourself if you still want to take as much risk with your money.

It means blocking time to look at your moolah.

Ya gotta stay on top of your investments – throughout the year.  Otherwise, you will have a splotchy portfolio.

The last thing you want to do is leave money on the table.

So…. You now know you need to spray tan your investments.  Wanna know how?  Email me.  I’ll tell you.


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