Is Your Lettuce Soggy?

PortfolioIt happens to the best of us.  We go to a restaurant.  We get the Cobb.  Or maybe the Caesar.  How about the Chopped?

All of these salads come loaded with tons of dressing.  Those guys behind the kitchen really pour it on!  Major.

Then, the salad sits on the counter while the waiter is helping someone else.  And you’re starving.  So the lettuce just gets nutso soggy.

Next thing you know you are eating lettuce soup.  What the F?

You have a few bites.  It’s terrible.  You wish you just ordered the dressing on the side.

That way you would have more control over that salad.

The lettuce would be crunchy.

You could watch your calories.

It would be awesome.

Enter the parallel to investing

When it comes to investing, we all want total control!

Everyone wants low risk and a high return.  That’s like saying please bring me a bowl of hot ice.

Want more control with your investments?

Try starting to build your portfolio and think about bonds.  They are generally more conservative than stocks.  You can control more of the risk with bonds (especially individual bonds).  By the way, you can lose money with bonds, fyi…

So when you start to build out that portfolio, get the bonds on the side.  Take control.  The last thing you want is a soggy portfolio that isn’t made the way you want it.


PS – Not sure how bonds work.  Email me – I will hook you up.

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