Make Your Finances a Priority

Personal BudgetWhy can’t there be more hours in the day?

Spending time growing your business at work.  Hanging with your kids. Taking care of your aging parents.  Trying to sneak in a little time for you. It’s a lot, especially if you are a woman.

Now throw on the added responsibility of managing your finances!  It’s insane.  It’s wild.  It’s overwhelming.

But it’s doable.


By making your finances a priority.  By educating yourself.  By getting advice.  By getting perspective.  By having someone explain to you all that financial mumbo jumbo.

Once you understand things, you can make better decisions. Capeesh?

It’s already happening now.  I see it in my business.  Whether women are single or married, they are deciding that their long term financial security is now their own responsibility.  I’m talking financial independence, where you are taking care of yourself – no one else.

Check this out: In 2008, only 29% of women were confident and prepared for retirement.  Today, 57% of women feel confident and prepared. (Source: Fidelity 5 years later study)

When we have a plan, we feel more in control.  The fears go away of running out of money when we’re older.  We’re easy like Sunday morning.  Go Lionel.

I’m talkin’ having a kick ass lifestyle in retirement.  Or doing the mini retirement thing a la Tim Ferris, and having some serious moolah in the bank.  High five anyone?

The secret sauce is all in the plan.  These 3 things could go into your plan.  If you know these 3 things (guys you need this too,) you may feel better and more optimistic about what’s ahead in your financial life.

1)    How much money you need to save/invest each month.

2)    How long you have to save for.

3)    A ballpark rate of return you need to make on your money.

Financial planning doesn’t have to be just for people that have more money than you.  Anyone can start.  Even you. My blogposts are aimed at making complex financial stuff be easier for you to understand.  Let’s have a little fun with this money stuff.  Let’s take control.

I don’t want this stuff to be intimidating for you.  No more boring financial mumbo jumbo.  Feel free to call me out on this if I ever start writing that way.

So… What would you like more of?  Am I missing any areas that you want me to cover?  Email me, and I will respond. Personally.  Why?  Because I would like to make things easier for you, even with your business finances.


Important Disclosures: These blogs are provided for informational and educational purposes only, represents our views as of the date of the posting only, and may change without notice.  Some of the information has been obtained from third parties and believed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed.  We have not considered any investment objectives or financial situations of any investors and we are not responsible for consequences for any decisions made based on the information in the blogs.  There is risk of loss from investing in securities, which varies depending on different types of investments. Forward looking statements are based on assumptions only and no reliance should be placed on such statements.  We do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information displayed.

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