Your Money Mindset

money-on-the-brainI hear it all of the time.  “I stink at dealing with money.”  “I feel so defeated about my financial situation.”

How cool would it be if you were better with your money?  Like you are killin’ it with your money sitch? Like right now.  Literally while you are reading this.

It starts with the stuff that’s inside your keppy. (Yiddish for head).  What if you thought you were good with money?   Yep.  What if you just made the decision that you are bright, and that you could get better at money?

Stay with me… I think I am on to something…

Your job isn’t supposed to be a money expert.  Your job is to make the decision right now – that you will start from scratch, and learn a little bit about money every day.  That way, you can get ahead in your financial life.  I’m talking awareness baby.

I read this on a blog today and it totally resonated with me.

“Hey, Money. I don’t want to talk about you, look at you or pay attention to you, but I want you. In fact, I want you to be with me more SO I can pay less attention to you. I don’t want anyone to know how much I think about you, Money. Come. Be with me.”

It’s time for you to start dating your money.  Go out for cocktails, tapas, the whole deal.  Hang out with your money for a bit.  Get to know your money.

That means you need to know:

  • How much money you make
  • How much money you have
  • How much money you owe
  • How much money you can save

I’ve got some stuff coming down the pike in a few weeks which could help you on those 4 things up above.

I want you to be aware of 2 main things when you learn about money:

1.  Your mindset.   You need to believe that you can get better.  That way you will be open to receiving and learning really strategic money stuff.

It’s time to go from scarcity to abundance.  That starts with valuing who you are.  Believing that you are an amazing entrepreneur.  Feeling that you are worth the big bucks that people will be paying you.   Did I mention that you are amazing?  People need to see your awesome-sauce.

2.  Strategies.  This is the stuff I write about for the Krane Financial Solutions community.  I am all about strategy.  Lemme just give you one right now.

No more discounting your prices.  No mas. If you do, you will make a lot less money.  Remember, your fixed costs (overhead) do not drop if you lower your prices.  They stay the same.  If you plan on offering a lower price, you must reduce some of your costs so that you make the same amount of money.

It’s time for you to write a new money story for yourself.  Like right now.  Having money is a means to enable you to do what you want.  Get to know your money.  It has a crush on you.  Vino style. Tapas style. The whole deal.

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Your Money Mindset

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