My Big Stupid Billie Jean Failure

Baby standing against the mirrorThe Real You

I’m in my Prius, the windows are down. I turn on my satellite radio. 80s on 8. Totally. Like for sure.

Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean is on. MJ inda house. What a rockin’ beat. I freakin’ love that song. I’m singing along and then boom! The song ends (don’t you hate when you think it’s the beginning of a song but it really is the end!!!) and I keep singing…

Oh jeez. My windows were down. I was totally busted. All these teenagers were in the car next to me, laughing at me as I was still singing Billie Jean.

And then, I started laughing at myself. (Yep!) I didn’t even know how vulnerable I was at that moment. The real me singing Billie Jean. Oh man. I can even moonwalk.

So, who are you when no one is watching? The world needs to see more of the real you. And you need to be more of the real you.

This real you is when. . .

  • You speak from your heart. You set goals that real-ly mean something to you, and you develop a real plan to get them. Like right now.
  • You read Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book, “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook,” and you tell real relevant stories to your community so that you can grow your following on social media.
  • You start thinking about your legacy. You want to make an impact that goes way beyond you. You feel pulled to help as many people as possible in your business, and you think of yourself as a total giver.
  • You are aware of what your parents taught you about money, and make a conscious decision if your current beliefs about money are serving you.
  • You real-ly want to save money for your future, and you automate your savings. No more willy-nilly-ing saving money.
  • You know the real performance of your investment portfolio.

You have been meaning to do something super cool and new in your career. You’ve been afraid to do it, but you take action and do it anyways because the only you, the real you, only lives once.

PS – We are coming up on 2014. Is that insane? It’s about time for you to step up in your financial life. I have been working on something for you guys for a year! Stay tuned for some cool stuff coming down the pike.

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