Raiders of the Lost Moms

1336678709_momIt’s the little things that moms do.  All the stuff that just gets lost in the shuffle.

It’s the stuff they do when no one is looking.


  • Working at 10:30 at night, when everyone else is asleep, so that they can provide for their family
  •  Digging through the trash to find their kid’s retainer
  •  Changing 3 poopy diapers within 7 minutes
  •  Driving 142 miles in one day – schlepping the kids everywhere
  •  Buying and returning 17 items of kids clothing from Zappos until its just right
  •  On hold with the airline company for 84 minutes so that the vacation is free when using miles
  •  Giving the kids a goodnight kiss when they are already sleeping at 11pm
  •  Walking the kids back to their bed for the 6th time when they cant fall asleep
  •  Working on herself.  Leading by example.  Having her kids watch what she does.
  •  Being a grandmother.  Teaching your kids what life is all about.

I could go on and on.  We are all so lucky to have our moms.  They are THE rock for the family.

They teach us about life.  They give us experiences.  They give us the stuff that money can’t buy – happiness and love.

If your mother is no longer alive, I am thinking of you.

If you are a mother, you’re freakin’ awesome!!! Your kids are pretty lucky.

Being a money guy, tell me one thing your mom taught you about money.  Just put it in the comments section on the bottom.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!



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Raiders of the Lost Moms

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