Life and Business Program

The Life and Business Program is a four-month program for people who want a detailed financial plan for their business and personal finances. You’ll discover and name your goals, and receive guidance on how to make them happen.

Based on the choices you make, you’ll learn what the potential consequences and tradeoffs may be.  We’ll look under the hood of your business and develop a financial plan for it. This will include reviews and discussions on your sales, growth rates, margins, and your productivity as a business owner.

Who you are:

  • A busy entrepreneur or business owner
  • Not sure how to merge your business income with goals for your personal life.
  • You have investments but are not investing with a clear plan on how to reach your goals.
  • You’ve probably never worked with a Financial Planner who can assess and oversee your entire financial situation.
  • You are entering your peak earning years and you want to be smarter about what you do with your revenue.
  • You want a plan that does a solid job of tracking and managing your finances.

How We Will Work Together

Face to Face Meeting #1Face to Face Meeting #2Face to Face Meeting #3
1 hourUp to 2 hoursUp to 2 hours
Develop a customized spending and savings plan for your business and personal finances.Identify and set your financial goals through the Krane Financial Planning Process™Detailed financial plan with strategies, tactics and recommendations for meeting your goals

Face to Face Meeting #4Face to Face Meeting #5Face to Face Meeting #6
90 minutes90 minutes1 hour
Customized business analysis and financial plan for:
• Sales
• Expenses
• Insurance
• Tax Planning
• Methods for increasing the value of your business
Customized business analysis and financial plan for:
• Strategies for working with a bookkeeper
• Retirement plan options
• 10-year profitability forecast
• Analysis of client base structure
Consultation on investment philosophies and strategies that suit your needs


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