Snoop Dog Almost Beat Me Up

Snoop Almost Beat Me Up. 
I was in San Diego on business.  I had a major sore throat.  I tried Halls, Vicks, Ricola.  But it really didn’t help.
So I decided to go to the bar and get a shot of whiskey – to soothe my scratchy throat.
I get in the elevator.  Ya know – those weird dimly lit elevators at the W hotel?  With mirrors everywhere?  And that wacky bar music? 
There were some big dudes in that elevator.   Like Andre the Giant size. 
And of them was Snoop Dog.  We lock eyes.  I’m like.  Holy shit.  That’s Snoop Dog.   He was a pretty big guy.
Plus – his 3 bodyguards towered over me.  I felt like Honey I Shrunk the Kid inside that elevator.
I said what’s up to all of them.  None of them said hello back.
They just nodded.  They were all business.  I was waiting for them to attack me!
But I survived to live another day…
What I didn’t know was that Snoop was going to downtown San Diego to DJ for the Mardi Gras.  He probably got paid some big dough to DJ for a few hours.
Snoop has made some serious money as a rapper.   He’s worth like $135 mill. 
Snoop is out of budget hell.   He didn’t eat Top Ramen for 2 years.  He didn’t settle for some J.O.B.
He made a decision to make more money.  And not cut back.
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