Start Saving Money For Retirement

automated-savings-planHit snooze.  Hit snooze again.  Pretend you have nothing going on.  Convince yourself that your bedhead is so bad that even a shower, rinse, or blow dry can’t tame your hair.


You get up, but then you are … Stuck. In. Bed.  With some funky breath.


Send someone out for coffee, tea, or a mimosa.  Or maybe get a little breakfast in bed. 


Now your phone is buzzing – with all the things you have to do today.  Your alarm goes off again.  Emails and texts are coming in rapid fire style.  You already have 62 emails this morning.  Everyone wants a piece of you.


You start to think what life would be like if money wasn’t an issue.  But money is an issue.  You sometimes feel defeated by money.  It limits you.  Right?  I’m with you.  I can relate.


In the back of your mind you wonder how much money you have to save for retirement – for your future – some day where you have money in the bank.  The day where you can do what you want because you have money.


Everyone wants the magic retirement calculator.  


Get of bed by figuring out how much money you could save every month.


Start small.  Start with anything.  Get going.  See how your monthly saving affects your current lifestyle.  The earlier you start saving, the better. 


You’ve gotta come up with a number, one that you can achieve consistently, month in and month out.


Otherwise you will be financially stuck in bed.


Not quite sure how to do this?  Email me.  I’ve got some good stuff to show you how.


You are meant to live an abundant life.  You are meant to have an abundant life.  Lets do this.

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