White Zin & Lipstick

white zin lipstickLeverage your Assets

I had no idea about these two. The fact that they both can be used for something else. Maybe it’s because I’m a guy. And maybe it’s because I don’t really like cabernet wine – but I SO know others love cabs.

So check me out on this.

I’m having a drink with a client and he orders a cab. He tastes it and he really doesn’t like it. It’s too strong, too big, too much for him. So he asks the waiter to bring over a bissel (Yiddish for little) of white Zinfandel.

My client pours the zin into the cab, and oila! He said it tasted so much better. Even
I tried it. It was pretty good. Vino baby.

I had no idea that if you put a little white zinfandel into a cab, that it takes the edge off and makes the cab taste better. Where did that come from? It’s nutzo.

Later that night, I’m in the car with some friends, we are running late to a dinner party.

All of a sudden, one of my friends starts putting lipstick on her face and then she starts rubbing it in. I’m like what! Lipstick on your cheeks? She says yes, when us women are in a bind, we use lipstick as blush.

Oh man am I out of touch. Where did that come from?

Got me thinkin. The little things in life. They can be used for more than one thing.

So why can’t we take our existing assets in our business, and leverage them and use them in other ways? To make more money and be more profitable y’all!

Zinfandel style. Lipstick style.

So here’s my list of some examples of assets you probably have in your business, that you can use in other ways.

1) Your content. Turn a blogpost into a podcast and throw it in iTunes. Convert a blogpost into a video and put it on YouTube.

2) Your relationships. Your network is your net worth. Go back through your Rolodex and re-establish old connections. Turn them into successful jv (joint venture) partners for you.

3) Technology. Are you using any type of CRM software? Where do you store your leads, prospects, and client info? My guess is that you are using some type of software, and that you aren’t using all it has to offer. Use Google analytics. Try Evernote. Check out DropBox. All of these tools could make you more productive.

4) Take advantage of the SBDCs (small biz development centers) in your area. They are organizations backed by federal money, state money, and private sector funds. Some examples are the SBA and SCORE. Did I mention that they are free?

5) If you have office space, sometimes you get free conference room space from your landlord. Make use of it and invite a group of people to do informal networking there. Make it a potluck thing.

6) Your vendors. They are really good relationships that you already have. Have them sponsor you/your company for something. Just pick up the phone and ask them for help.

7) Business books that you have already read. Go back and re-read them. You will pick up on new ideas and take action in different ways. I just re-read the “E-Myth Revisited.”

There are tons of other things you can do. Think about all of the things at your fingertips. Use them in new ways.

As business owners, we are all in this together. Sometimes I can’t even create my way out of a paper bag.


Do you have any ideas that you can share with us? What are you specifically doing to get the most out of your business assets? Share with us!

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White Zin & Lipstick

  1. Good stuff, Justin!

    After you revealed the secret makeup technique, I asked my wife if she’d ever heard of such things. She told me that lots of ladies use lipstick as blush or eye shadow. Some of the resourceful ones use tape to make crisp lines with their shades.


    The principle of transubstantiation you’ve talked about here is a crucial one for us to get a hold of. Almost all of our resources (physical, digital AND intellectual) can be used in multiple ways. When we maximize what we already have and get creative about how we utilize our tools, we can often turn baby steps into great leaps.

    Keep doing what you do, Justin.

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