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goalIt’s almost October! Where has this year gone? It was January 1st like yesterday.

You probably had some New Year’s resolutions… things like:

  • Running 12 minutes on the treadmill every other day
  • Traveling to Paris this year
  • More time playing backgammon with friends and family (how about more time for you!)
  • Maybe even dealing with your money

Every day is a new day. It doesn’t have to be Jan. 1 to get yourself on a financial plan. You just have to make the decision to do it. Once you do this, it can be liberating. Major.

Lemme ask you a few questions.

Was your New Year’s resolution to get yourself on a financial plan and reach a goal? Like saving up for a vacation? Or finding a financial planner to help you?

I am laying it all out right here. Seriously. If you are looking to hire a financial planner (make sure he/she is a fee only fiduciary one), and you want to be more intentional about reaching a goal, here is what you should consider having your financial planner work on with you.

  • What is your first goal? – you decide this
  • Why do want to reach this goal? – you decide this
  • How much does the goal cost? – you and planner research together
  • How much money can you save every month? – planner can help you figure out
  • When do you want to hit the goal? – you decide this
  • What rate of return do you have to make on the money to hit your goal? – planner helps you with this
  • Is the rate of return a realistic # you think you can get? Or is it too high based on your tolerance for risk? – planner helps you with this
  • What are the changes you need to make to course correct to reach it? – planner helps you with this

Imagine what’s possible for you if you merge your money with your life. It’s ok to get help. You are not supposed to do this all by yourself.

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